Hospitality Survival Kit

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Blog


  • Communicate Honestly – this is what the media and stakeholders want to hear.
  • Think about your staff and stakeholders when making announcements and decisions.
  • Collaborate and coordinate together not only to your stakeholders but also to our local governments.
  • Amplify our message together. Collaborate as a sector.
  • Get ahead of the story when possible. Keep up with alerts from the government and updates. Act accordingly when possible.
  • Consider alternate business models – delivery, pick ups, “ghost kitchens”
  • Start planning and thinking about the next 12 months. Plan ahead for when everything is back to normal.


Communicate Honestly – this is what the media and stakeholders want to hear. Let’s share our stories to #savehospo – it’s OK to be honest and vulnerable during this time.


Dear XXX,

I don’t need to tell you that these are unprecedented times and extremely challenging for my restaurant and indeed, our whole community.

I value our relationship and point to my good record as a tenant of XXX years/months standing.

Given the incredibly difficult circumstances my business now finds itself in, I would be extremely grateful for a reconsideration of my rent commitments until the end of this financial year.

I ask you to consider granting me a rent-free period until June 30, 2020. Without such a concession I fear for the survival of my business and the continued employment of the staff I rely upon to run it.

With your assistance, I believe I have a much better chance of riding through these difficult times and continuing to be the reliable and considerate tenant that you know me to be.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,


Credit: Dani Valent


  • Sell specific sauces from popular dishes. These can be sold in store or delivered.
  • Frozen foods – provide options frozen food that can be stored. Butter Chicken etc.
  • Reduced menu items – only serve popular dishes for the moment.
  • Delivery costs – Petition for UberEats and Deliver, see below.
  • Selling gift cards
  • New rent prices – communicate with landlords and be honest with them.
  • People are refusing to pay cash – make sure you have contactless payments
  • Contactless delivery
  • Better delivery options.
  • #savehospo – get behind this hashtag
  • Start a petition and communicate as a sector.
  • Staff to come into customer’s house for in-house service.
  • Work together with other restaurants – marketing?
  • Is it ethically responsible to invite people to our venues? ​We should follow directions from the government. Follow official advice all the time.

Sample post to share petition

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve spoken to over 100 different restaurant owners. Trade is down from 20-80%, these people existed in an already tough industry and now they are just trying to survive.

And most of them won’t.

They have staff, kids and landlords. Some are trying to survive by innovating their products, adding delivery or selling goods. One good thing about this is the delivery services are now making a lot more money. These platforms are a great partner to the industry and provide a terrific service, however, they also take 30% commission on all orders.

This petition is designed to raise awareness in order to help hospitality survive. We are asking for a temporary reduction in these fees to help


Link to petition:

Hospo Owners Victoria & beyond Support Group