Hiring an agency vs an in-house person

by | May 13, 2020 | Blog

While there isn’t a definitive answer to this question, there are certain advantages to working with a specialist agency as compared to hiring your in-house marketer/strategist/copywriter/designer Jack. At some point during the lifetime of your business, you’ll have to make an inevitable decision: should I hire an agency or an in-house person? 

1. A team of specialists has got your back

We’re not saying that Jack isn’t great. In fact, he’s probably good at what he does, which was why you were intending to hire him in the first place. An agency is formed with a suite of specialists, such as a Facebook ad specialist, a copywriter, a graphic designer, a community manager, a SEO expert, a creative and a strategist, who can all help with very small and highly detailed elements of your campaign. Can Jack do all that? Maybe, but can he do all of that at the same time? You get our point. 

2. You don’t have to invest in months of on-boarding

The great thing about hiring an agency is that you don’t have to teach us how to do our jobs. We have processes and workflows in place, devised over the years based on our experiences with past clients and campaigns. 

An agency also enjoys more data and sees the best practices from Facebook, as well as having access to learnings from previous activations. We know who your competitors are and are equipped with up-to-date industry knowledge. 

3. It is cost-efficient and flexible

A common thought that people have when it comes to hiring an agency is that it is too expensive. It really depends on where you look. 

One of the best things about working with an agency is the flexibility. We are able to adapt and change the scope as and when needed. It’s also a fact that we get better rates with digital suppliers and this means you’re able to enjoy a suite of marketing-related services on a more cost-effective basis. All the costs associated with your campaign have already been accounted for in your package, such as any tools, software and technology, therefore cutting the extra costs from your end. 

You’re also saving on the labour cost of managing seven different campaigns on five different platforms. And you’re saving on the opportunity cost of what you could be doing strategically if you weren’t stuck in the weeds of campaign management. 

4. You’ll enjoy a wide range of ideas and perspectives

While too many cooks may spoil the broth, there’s literally only so much you can get out of Jack. Jack can probably tell you all you need to know about sharks but we can give you an ocean of knowledge through a broader perspective. We host brainstorms to work on new ideas for our clients regularly and the bonus thing is that we actually love our cerebral typhoon sessions! Working with people from different industries excites us and we are always thinking of fun ways we could incorporate your product into a different market. For example, this was birthed from one of our brainstorms. 

It’s very easy (and common) for in-house teams to get stuck in a rut with creative styles and strategy, hence it’s always great to get a third-party perspective on things. Get out of the box! Plus, it’s definitely fun to have someone outside the company who you can call to chat and bounce ideas off.

5. We move on… together

There is also consistency and longevity in our working relationship, in a sense that you can work with us for an extended number of years, whereas an in-house person may only be around for 1-2 years. 

That’s one of the great things about hiring an agency – you don’t have to worry about Jack moving on and his skills going with him. Before you know it, you’ll have to spend time on re-hiring and training a new person all over again… not forgetting to mention you may have to freeze all your marketing activities until you find your new Jack. 

We are a unique agency and our account managers have a limited workload as we each work with only eight clients at any one time. This means you’ll be getting a dedicated account manager who intricately knows about your business and is attentive to your brand. They are pretty much like Jack, except you can do so much more with a fully supportive team behind your back. 

Sorry Jack.