The best social media agency is the one that fits with your business and personality. With that in mind, here’s why we think you shouldn’t hire Eight Clients.

We don’t offer immediate results

Social media is both complex and very simple. It takes clarity, honesty and resilience to successfully manage the plethora of paradoxes presented by branded socials. Cultivating your audience, arriving at the perfect content strategy, and maximising conversions (whatever that means for your business) takes time and constant experimentation. 

Building your customer base and profitability is iterative, not a case of “build it and they will come”. So we work iteratively rather than in grand promises. 

We don’t use off-the-shelf KPI templates or, worse, off-the-shelf thinking and analysis. So we don’t promise to deliver metrics that the growth-hacking bros boast about on their blogs and podcasts. What we do promise is to get to know your business and deliver KPIs that are grounded in good research and, most importantly, are actually possible. You will never hear us say “5 stage lead system”, we’ll create a bespoke solution that only you can deliver.

We’re focused on results, not tactics

Imagine you’re in the unfortunate position of having to go to court. You are a Law and Order fanatic, were a debate champion at uni and you, of course, know the matter at hand better than anyone else. So you tell your barrister exactly how they should run the case. You give them a full blow-by-blow of what they should do. You constantly pass them notes and interrupt their work, expecting that you alone hold the golden key to your triumph. In this situation, you probably lose the case. 

If you’re busy telling the professional what tactics they should use, then you’ve probably missed the woods for the trees and they’ve missed out on vital chunks of information.

Granted, this is a dramatic example, but it’s not far off what happens when clients try to provide the recipe rather than the brief.

What’s more, by the time you’ve heard of the latest best-practice social media marketing tactic that X company did to achieve Y obscenely good result, it’s probably out-dated (if it ever really happened in the first place). So you shouldn’t work with us if you want to tell us how to do the job for you. 

You should work with us if you’re excited by building a great brief and letting us come back to you with a ripper strategy that is based on our experience, your data and good old fashioned creativity. 

You won’t share data with us

You shouldn’t work with us if you don’t make decisions based on good data and careful analysis. Data is essential to making meaningful decisions about your online presence (and, for what it’s worth, your entire business).  

When a potential client doesn’t already have data gathering and analysis processes in place, that’s a red flag for us. Why? Because it tells us that the business is making decisions based on feelings and assumptions rather than knowledge about how their consumers behave. 

We want to get you results, for that we want data. No, we need data. 

The caveat is that sometimes the business is too new, or you’re a time-poor small business owner, or there’s some other legitimate reason why there are no data procedures in place. We can help set up your marketing analytics, but it also means that patience is required as we get the data we need to deliver outstanding results. 

For example, in the first month that we’d set up a Facebook Pixel for an eCommerce client, the cost per purchase was very high, and the number of conversions was relatively low. But in the second month, once data was moving through our systems, sales doubled and the cost per action plummeted. 

So you shouldn’t work with us if you’re not open to leveraging your data. You should work with us if you’re already making use of the data you have, and are excited about new possibilities that our work can bring. 

PS – don’t worry, we adhere to The Privacy Act 1988, all relevant Privacy and Data Policies on all platforms and sign an NDA with our clients.

We won’t fix every problem in your business

We’re social media and digital specialists and, while our account managers have associated skills, we like to keep the focus tight. In our experience, business owners are over-worked and want fast solutions to every problem. While we can do this in social, we’re less skilled in say, HR strategy (you’d be surprised how often we get asked for advice on that). 

Why do we say this? Because marketing is one part of an entire business and each part needs to be attended to by the right person, not just the person who happens to be on hand. So our copywriter can whip up a HR policy, and your account manager can send it you, but you’ll get better results if we refer you to someone who specialises in hospitality PR. 

We’re proud to have high standards. We’re proud to be an agency that owns its limitations, specialises in doing one thing exceptionally well, and has a strong community of associated businesses to refer clients to. We’re not about what we can do, we’re about what we can do better than anybody else in the market. 

We can’t overcome an absence of marketing strategy

Creative can only be as good as the strategy that supports it. If you’re getting in touch with us before you’ve got one in place, stop, turn around and create one. Doing promotion and advertising (which is largely where social sits in the marketing landscape) without an overall marketing strategy is like going on an overseas roadtrip without a map. You’ll have a fun time, but you won’t get anywhere meaningful and you won’t be able to predict where you’ll end up. 

The caveat to this is that we can work with you to create an overall marketing strategy. Or, better yet, we can connect you with an agency who specialises in building them. And the process need not be taxing or overly complicated. We just need to know who you are, where you’re going, who your customer is, and any challenges you face. 

You shouldn’t hire us if you’re not doing any other marketing

There’s a belief in modern businesses that social media marketing is a panacea for every ill, and a stand-in for every other type of marketing. That’s wrong. 

Social is a vital part of the marketing mix, but it’s not the only part. As we’ve already said, we’re social specialist, but if our amazing social is driving traffic to a site with a poor user experience, or if the leads that we deliver are not fed into a CRM strategy, or if foot traffic we’re driving can’t find the front door, then your results will be muted. Digital marketing is a big and complex picture, so if you’re using social as a stand-in for every other marketing activity imaginable, we’re not the agency for you. 

If you’re a small business owner with limited resources, don’t panic! For some businesses, it’s OK to be social-heavy in your marketing. Let’s think about the big picture and to be clear about what social can and can’t do. 

You make marketing decisions based on what you do online

You shouldn’t hire us if you make decisions for your customers based on how you personally interact online. You’d be surprised at how common this is, and it’s why we insist on having full access to as much of your data as possible. 

Because we need to understand how your consumers behave, not what you do and don’t like. It sounds harsh, but what you like doesn’t matter. Why? Because it has no bearing on your bottom line, and you’re most likely not your target market. 

Take, for example, Xavier. Xavier is our copywriter who is currently writing this and talking about himself in the third person. He moonlights as a theatre producer, fiction writer and maker of very gay performance art. Xavier is politically active, living in an apartment, loves to eat out (but avoids it because of allergies), for some reason still uses Twitter, and is doing an MBA in his spare time. If Xavier made decisions for the Hills Home Living business based on his very specific personal habits and his personal tastes, the brand would tank. 

Why? Because he’s the only person in the world who thinks clown prints are cute and he’d give all the ad spend to site-specific theatre-makers. 

Don’t be like Xavier, be like Emma. She’s our operations manager who constantly asks us all to prove our tactics with insight into how they influence our target market. 

You’re afraid of doing new things in your industry

We’re nimble, we’re fast, we’re creative and we’re obsessed with data-driven decision-making. You shouldn’t hire us if you’re afraid to do new things. Because we strongly believe that, in social, you should be constantly doing just that. 

Take our client, Rice Paper Scissors. Through constant experimentation and deep investment in new and sometimes risky ideas they have carved out a cult status in several different segments of the Melbourne hospitality market. And they continue to grow because they continue to experiment. Take their Vegan Week for example.

Want different results by doing essentially the same thing you’ve always done? We’re not for you. Do you want to expand your audience without leaving your comfort zone? Keep it in-house. Want to be the first to try a new strategy that feels creatively dangerous? That’s our specialty.