Four great questions to ask your social media team

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Blog

How are we encouraging user generated content from our customers?

User generated content is a leading method to drive conversation across your accounts. By giving your customers a clear way to deliver content to you, you are able to increase overall interactions. By welcoming users to upload content to a specific hashtag or geotag enables you to sort it more efficiently.

What are the most common queries we receive and how can we create content to better answer these?

By creating a social media guide for your account, your response time becomes much faster. For example, if you easily know all of your 6 vegan dishes, 2 gluten free options and 16 wines by the glass, you can anticipate and respond to customers faster.


Coconut cocktails at 1806.

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What’s the least successful social media content category that we use? Social media is very dynamic and the worst performing content often provides the greatest amount of learning and insight. By studying what isn’t working, you can focus on creating more engaging stories for your brand. Is video suitable for our audience and is it getting engagement? Video engagement is growing and Instagram’s recent addition of video data is allowing brands to learn more from the impact of video, particularly on Instagram. By keeping a close eye on this content category, you can ensure you are receiving maximum engagement across your channels.

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