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4 New Social Updates

Facebook will start asking for a selfie to verify your identity
Credit: @wongmjane

Facebook is reportedly working on a new way to verify your identity, by using selfies and new facial-recognition software. With this new software, users will be asked to take a selfie by looking in different directions creating the perfect mapping for facial recognition. Selfies, or video selfie, will remain private and be automatically deleted 30 days after identity confirmation.

TikTok can now be integrated into third-party apps

TikTok has announced TikTok for developers. This is the platform’s first software development kit, which allows third-party apps to add a direct sharing feature. This means offering more creative filters and editing tools to users. At the moment, TikTok has partnered with seven apps which will offer shortcuts to post directly from their app to TikTok, such as mobile video editor Adobe Premiere Rush, Plotaverse, PicsArt and more. With this integration, we can expect to see more creative content from users in the future.

You can draw your own 3D AR filters on Snapchat
Credit: @culturengine

Snapchat has released a new 3D Paint feature that lets you draw 3D objects on your face and the objects in your environment. To use this feature, capture with your phone’s front or back-facing camera and use your finger to draw. This newly added feature is a “fun new way to make personalised AR” on Snapchat and while it’s only available on iOS at the moment, it’ll be rolling out to Android users soon too.

YouTube rolls out Super Stickers

YouTube has launched a global feature Super Stickers, aimed at fans who want to show their support and connect with their favourite creators. Similarly to Super Chat which launched almost three years ago, this is a way for creators to generate additional income from top fans. Super Stickers are expected to expand into categories including gaming, fashion, beauty, sports, fashion, music, food and more. Starting with eight distinct Super Sticker packs, these packs are immediately available to any eligible creators who are already using Super Chat. These stickers come in a range of price points, from $0.99 to $50.

4 Things Trending On Social

Facebook’s new logo
new Facebook company brand

Earlier this week, Facebook changed their company branding “to be clearer about the products that come from Facebook.” With a new company logo, Facebook aims to distinguish the Facebook company from the Facebook app, which will keep its own branding. The new branding, which was designed for clarity, has attracted an array of perplexing comments from the public. Many have taken it to Twitter to express their thoughts on the new branding.

An Instagram influencer is under fire for saying kids should learn less about WWII because “it’s so intense”
freddie bentley world war ii

Instagram influencer Freddie Bentley has been the centre of attention this week, after saying that kids should learn less about World War II in an interview with Good Morning Britain. In the interview, Bentley questioned the use of teaching about the 70 million people who died in the war and thought it’d be better if schools could focus on current affairs. This became a highly controversial topic, resulting in a ton of comments on social media, with many saying the war was a key historical moment to remember.

The age of “bathfluence”

People on Instagram are creating increasingly elaborate baths to post on the platform. Referred to as “the age of bathfluence” by the New York Magazine, we’re seeing more influencers posting aspirational photos of their ritual baths, most of them articulately designed with flowers, crystals and other aesthetically pleasing elements. There are also influencers who have built their entire profile around baths, often focusing on a spiritual or “healing” aspect that has become a hallmark of trends in the wellness space. It’s clear that a sophisticated era of bath time is upon us and it comes complete with its own genre of influencers.

About those bridezilla screenshots going around the internet
These Facebook Bridezilla Screenshots Are So Chaotic We Don’t Care If They’re Fake

Almost everyone would enjoy a monstrous bride story, unless you’re the bride in question. According to a series of Reddit posts, a bride who crowdfunded $30,000 for her wedding is facing serious heat from her friends and family after she cancelled the wedding last-minute. According to the bride “Pam”, the money would instead be spent on a ‘pre-wedding’ honeymoon, with a new crowdfunding campaign to be announced to pay for an “even better” wedding sometime in the future. Needless to say, what followed was a series of comments from friends and family member simply outraged. While this story is highly likely to be fake, it is really quite an entertaining read, so you can check it out here.