At Eight Clients, we have International account managers who come from an array of different backgrounds. We all specialise and excel in one particular area, which enables us to get excited about working with different clients. From foodies, photographers, digital producers to fashion bloggers, artists and expert marketers – we believe, knowledge is power. We have consolidated eight of our top worst direct messages to receive as an influencer. Read on to see what NOT to do (and enjoy some cringe-worthy anecdotes).

  1. The Generic Fail – Nobody enjoys a generic message (and yes, we can tell when it’s a copy paste job) so getting the persons/brands name right is probably a good start. “Hi Bob, we love your work…” (who is Bob?!?)
  2. The Anger Management – Sometimes brands send “gifts” to bloggers which is a great no-pressure way to get your product to individuals with a high visibility and solid network. Our theory on this is, if you’re going to do that you’re also not going to have expectations so DON’T send things like: “WHY ARE YOU NOT POSTING, YOU ARE UGLY ANYWAY” this is not a becoming look, trust us.
  3. The Simpleton “Hey, wanna work with us ur cool” A slightly more professionally formulated approach is probably always going to be better. When you don’t personally know someone always err on the cautious side. An overly informal message does not scream ‘we are a legit company’.
  4. The Grammar Creep – Try and stay gender neutral when writing DM’s and keep grammar proper. A girl can smell a creep a mile away, even if it’s just in the slightly playful grammar used. Get to the point and refrain from using winky faces. “You’re gorgeous….. 😉 We would love to collaborate with you…. we think your brand aesthetic fits perfectly with our brand ethos…. 😉 😉 ….” – um no thanks.
  5. The One Liners – This is not a place to mimic a convo between you and your bestie so stay away from sending conversational one line sentences. Keep it concise and generally extending an offer to reply via an email address provided at the end of the message is a good way to receive a serious reply and filter out the non-interested.
  6. The Overeager – Generally if someone doesn’t get back to you within 24-48 hours they’re probably not going to get back to you at all. So sending messages like: “Hey, can you write back? Why aren’t you writing back? Do you want to work with us? Hellllooo?” are not going to bring you any further.
  7. The Bad Communicator – Often, new people come and go from teams and double up on contacting bloggers. It is very important you have transparent communication in your team of influencers you have good (and bad) relationships with. Communication is key and without it can lead to some very awkward blogger interactions.
  8. The Silent Treatment – When sending DMs don’t forget to check them! Influencers will write you off if communication is not promptly exchanged. So check your inbox regularly!