Once seen as helpful-but-expensive fringe products, chatbots are maturing into simple and powerful social tools with impressive cut-through. 

Remember when email marketing was still shiny and new? Remember the thrill of getting emails from a select few brands you loved. Remember those metrics?! 

That’s the kind of moment that chatbots are having right now. 

We hear you yelling, “everyone is talking about chatbots but no one is telling me what the hell they are!” 

A chatbot is a piece of software that has a conversation with a person through text or voice. 

They can be integrated into existing chat services like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or a LiveChat function on your website. Otherwise, they can be housed in a specifically created program or widget. 

They’re great for three simple reasons:

First, with a chatbot you can automate repetitive customer interactions. 

Sometimes dealing with FAQs can be a special sort of hell. 

The bright and colour full google logo have been changed to read "Let me GOOGLE that for you."

The beauty of a chatbot is that it can automate predictable and repetitive customer interactions.  Burn your FAQs page that everyone ignores and enlist a chatbot so that customers can get information on demand.

Less work for you, more impact for your business. Everyone wins.

Second, you’ll meet your customers where they are.

You know that feeling when you’re at a party and the host refuses to let things flow. So, rather than having a good time and drinking your wine, you’re caught in a trap of get-to-know-you games and drinking their awful concoction that tastes like the stomach acid of a unicorn. 

This is how a customer feels when you try to force them into a sales pathway that interrupts their day or that doesn’t make sense for them. 

When the average person is on her phone, she spends 84% of her time on only five apps. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and WeChat are the big guns and consumers expect brands to meet them there. 

The average user now lives in chat. Using a chatbot, you can connect with her directly. Serve her sales campaigns, suggest items to purchase, ask for feedback, and even process transactions right there. You can even automate your CRM. 

The sky’s the limit if you think creatively and have an amazing developer (ahem, that’s where we come in). 

Third, the barrier to entry is surprisingly low.

Chatbots used to the reserve of the very monied few; Facebook was known to offer exclusive bot campaigns at astronomical prices.

Not so anymore. 

Asking your marketing agency about a specially crafted bot is a great option. 

However, there are some off-the-shelf options that are simple and effective. 

If you use Shopify, Facebook Messenger can be added as a sales channel, which launches a customisable chatbot. It takes some trial-and-error to get it flying, but it’s pretty handy once it’s up.

To look at a bot in action, click on the Messenger logo to your right. If you’re a bot convert and you’re ready to get started, also click on the Messenger logo and our bot-bot will determine if a bot is right for you!