Eight Clients and Hills Home Living teamed up to breath new life into the iconic Hills brand.

Hills Home Living


While Hills is an iconic Aussie brand (so iconic it’s on a coin), Hills Home Living, the more lifestyle-orientated group of products spanning indoor drying solutions, laundry accessories and home organisation needed more attention.

Adding to the challenge, Hills products are sold through a second brand like Bunnings Warehouse. This means that customers mostly interact with Hills Home Living in very conventional ways; product packaging, in-store signage, social media posts, emails about lost parts, etc. 

Oh, and there wasn’t budget for an all-out media blitz. 


Eight Clients turned the Hills Home Living brand into a living, breathing human experience by hosting sold-out KonMari workshops in Melbourne and Sydney. 

KonMari whisperer Sally Flower with workshop participants.

There are two universal home-truths. One, every home has a junk drawer filled with God-knows-what. Two, every laundry basket has three to five items sitting in the bottom for approximately three hundred and four months before the owner finally does some hand-washing. 

So Eight Clients and Hills created Hills Hoist Hosts, a series of ticketed workshops that uncover the unexpected joy to be found in housework. Also, we provided bubbly, which never goes unappreciated.

The inaugural events, held in Melbourne and Sydney, were hosted by Sally Flower, Australia’s first KonMari Method consultant trained by the master of joy sparking herself, Marie Kondo. 

These unique masterclasses positioned Hills Home Living as the country’s foremost expert in all things home. At the same time, such intimate classes (places were capped at 40) allowed for deep personal connection between the host, brand and participants. 

Our novice joy sparkers were super engaged with questions, comments, feedback and compliments both about the workshop and the Hills products that Sally used. The client has robust market research, but they told us that experiencing spontaneous discussions with their target customer in real-time and in an organic setting was invaluable.

Content captured on the day was fed into the Hills Home Living social feeds and is performing incredibly well and creating deep affection for Hills Home Living.