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4 New Social Updates

Facebook to “rename” Instagram and WhatsApp

To make the link between the platforms more transparent, Facebook has plans to rename both Instagram and WhatsApp. The rebranding is strong, albeit not original. Instagram will now be known as “Instagram from Facebook” and WhatsApp as “WhatsApp from Facebook”. While it might not seem like a significant rebranding, it shows more connection and ways to interact with the platforms and makes it clear that both platforms belong to Facebook.

Instagram is testing a built-in AR ‘background’ effect for Stories
Credit: @wongmjane

Instagram is reportedly testing out a new AR ‘background’ feature that lets users change the background for their Stories. This new feature, called “background”, gives users the ability to choose an image from their camera roll to use as a background for the Stories camera. This feature pretty much works like a green screen, replacing the real background with a chosen one. There aren’t many details at the moment, so we’ll have to wait for Instagram to announce this new feature officially.

TikTok is now integrated with GIPHY

TikTok is always making new updates to the platform. This week, the app has announced a new integration with GIPHY that allows users to get more creative with their GIFs. This is a two-way integration: not only will users be able to import GIFs from GIPHY to use in their posts, they will also be able to create and export new GIFs to GIPHY. This allows TikTok users to take it further with their creations as they’d be able to use it wherever it is integrated after it’s exported to GIPHY.

Snapchat introduces “Instant Create” tool

Snapchat is picking up its game. Advertising on Snapchat just got easier with its new “Instant Create” tool. Through this tool, businesses on the app can now advertise within a few simple steps within the Snapchat Ads Manager. All they have to do is sign up for an ad account, select an object, enter their business website and choose the targeting. It is now available to all advertisers within the self-service Ads Manager. This is a great tool to help small businesses get started with Snap Ads easily!


4 Things Trending On Social

The internet has lost its mind over 30-50 feral hogs
Okay, Why Has The Internet Completely Lost Its Damn Mind About ‘30-50 Feral Hogs’?

There is currently a big debate going around in the U.S. about gun control and among all this debate is a tweet in response to a mild call for assault weapons regulation from country artist Jason Isbell. The powerful tweet reads, “Legit question for rural Americans – How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?” Everyone lost it immediately, throwing out a huge quantity of memes faster than those hogs. Just search up ‘feral hogs’ on Twitter and it’ll provide you with endless content to pass time for the rest of your day.

A scientist made bread using 4,500 Y.O Egyptian Yeast
A Scientist Made Bread Using 4,500Y.O. Egyptian Yeast And It Looks Deliciously Cursed

English scientist Seamus Blackley loves bread so much he made a loaf using yeast that is 4500 years old. In a Twitter thread, Blackley chronicles the whole bread-making process, from how he went to the Peabody Museum to collect the 4500-year-old yeast from pottery that dates back to Ancient Egypt’s Old Kingdom to actually making the bread. With utmost care and scientific methods, Blackley and his team managed to collect a bunch of samples off bread and beer-making vessels store in the museum, which were then sent away from analysis. From there, after collecting the yeast, he then made sourdough, noting that “the aroma of this yeast is unlike anything I’ve experienced.” The end result is a beautiful, delicious ancient load of sourdough. Would you try it?

The new PTV looks like it stole its colours from Shapes

It took us a while but a user on Twitter has come to realise that every form of the Melbourne public transport – bus, Metro train, V-Line train and tram – has a colour equivalent in the form of a box of Arnott’s Shapes. It is almost too coincidental and you can already tell by putting them side by side. It gets better too! Another Twitter user pointed out that PTV slogan bears a good resemblance to the one on every Shapes box. Public transport has never looked so delicious.

Police are investigating a YouTuber after she allegedly hit her dog in a prank video

A YouTuber who recorded a prank video about her dog is now the subject of an investigation into possible animal abuse. Earlier this week, some viewers among Brooke Houts’ nearly 340k subscribers realised she may have uploaded an incomplete version of her “plastic wrap prank on my doberman” video, which showed disturbing and unedited footage in which Houts appear to hit, shove and spit on her dog. While the current version of the video does not show these clips, footage began spreading quickly across social media and caught the attention of the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force. Online, people are distressed and angered by what they saw, with many now demanding Houts to be banned from the platform.