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4 New Social Updates

Facebook tests new “Live Video For Sellers” feature

Facebook is testing a new Facebook Live feature that allows Pages to showcase products that users can buy with screengrabs. The new “Live Video Mode for Sellers”, is a great way for businesses to showcase their products live and “sell more efficiently”. As Pages showcase their products, viewers can message them live during broadcasts, with screenshots of the products they’d like to buy. Page admins can then request payment from their inbox. While this new feature isn’t available to everyone yet, there is a waitlist for Pages to join if they are interested. This new feature isn’t really meant for big brands, however, it may be useful for “Home Shopping Network” type of Pages.

Tumblr Has Just Banned Adult Content On Its Platform

Tumblr has hosting adult-oriented blogs for quite some time now and it is also known for being a place where freedom of positive speech is highly encouraged and support communities thrive. Apple has recently slapped Tumblr with a temporary removal from the App Store a few weeks ago, due to complaints concerning child pornography. Starting December 17, 2018, Tumblr will ban all adult content, including explicit sexual content and nudity, albeit with some exceptions. Representatives will get in touch with community members with content that is no longer permitted to explore options to continue their work outside the platform.

YouTube Stories Are Rolling Out To All Eligible Creators

two phones_youtube_stories

YouTube has been testing the Stories format with a small group of creators and giving them the opportunity to interact with their audience. After gaining feedback over time, YouTube is now announcing the roll-out of YouTube Stories to all “eligible creators with over 10k subscribers”. These Stories feature all the tools we are familiar with from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. They include text, music, filters, stickers and more. YouTube has also added comments to Stories, increasing interaction with subscribers and giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the conversation.

Facebook Rolls Out Collaborative Group Stories Worldwide


Facebook has been testing its collaborative Stories for Groups and Events since last year and it is now expanding the feature globally with the addition of lightweight reactions that allow Group Members to respond to each other easily and quickly with emojis “that show a range of universal human emotions”. This new feature is a great way to help admins and members engage even more with their communities and it is also “a casual and easy way to share fun, fast, fleeting moments with specific groups of people”. Group stories allow members to connect with others more personally and experience with the many different points of view present within any group. Following this rollout, more Groups will now be able to use the feature to create Stories on iOS and Android and view them on desktop.

4 Things Trending On Social

Passerby’s Straight-Up Vanish In Truck Explosion Video Baffles People

Viewers Baffled By Truck Explosion Vid Showing A Passerby Straight-Up Vanish

Footage of a deadly LPG gas explosion which killed a man in Melbourne in 2015 has resurfaced and has been circulated online after an edited version of the traffic camera video appeared to show a passerby ‘vanish’ from the footpath. The Coroner’s Court of Victoria released a video of the incident this month, showing the moment the rental truck exploded while crossing a Footscray intersection. Facebook user Steven Elms captured the footage as it was aired on Channel 7 this week, showing the explosion – and a pedestrian, who seems to fade out of view of the camera moments before the incident. Elm’s video has gained more than half a million views, prompting people to question the apparent disappearance of the pedestrian. However, original footage provided to Nine News shows that pedestrian continues along the footpath long after he ‘vanishes’ in the Channel 7 broadcast.

Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Has The Biggest YouTube Music Video Debut

Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Vid Is Getting So Much Love From The OG Stars 

In case you missed it, Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ music video was released late last week and it sure blew up. The music video peaked at around 829,000 viewers watching simultaneously, with over 516,000 messages posted in the discussion sidebar, another all-time record for Premieres on YouTube, the platform’s new premiere tool. In addition, the OG stars of the iconic 00s films referenced in the music video have reacted to it in the very best ways. All those teen movie nostalgias are definitely in this music video.

People are demanding YouTube remove a video in with a pregnant woman pulls a “Miscarriage Prank” on her partner

A YouTube Couple Is Getting Dragged Over A Fucked-Up ‘Miscarriage Prank’ Video

A video titled “I HAD A MISCARRIAGE PRANK (EMOTIONAL)” posted to YouTube by a young couple is being aggressively flagged by community users, with people demanding the platform take down the video entirely. The video features a pregnant woman faking a miscarriage scene in her bathroom in an effort to “prank” her partner, who’s presumptuously the father. While the video was posted in late August, it wasn’t until screenshots of the video started going viral on Twitter last week that it started gaining attention and concerns from people. Comments have now been disabled on the video, which has more than 700,000 views. YouTube has finally responded to one of the viral threads about the video on Twitter, saying it has removed the thumbnail and has “age restricted” the content.

The Internet Is Calling Out PETA For Their “Anti-Animal” Language Post

This week, PETA’s tweet on “anti-animal language” has gone viral. The organisation has listed several idioms that it has decided are “anti-animal” and replacing it with substitutes are supposedly animal-friendly. For instance, they substituted “Killing two birds with one stone” with “Feed two birds with one scone”. Most of the examples in the post doesn’t make a lot of sense and the substitutes have no similar meaning at all. Of course, the internet is quick to call out on it. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to feed birds with scones anyway.