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4 New Social Updates

Facebook is testing LOL, a video feed of memes

Facebook is testing a new feature it hopes will re-engage with its teen audience, who are leaving its platform. Introducing LOL, a video feed of memes, and only memes. This is reported to be a feed within its main product instead of a new app. For now, it is running private beta-tests on a small scale, with some 100 high-school students. LOL is pulling content from top memes pages on Facebook and gathers them on the feed, divided into several thematic categories like For You, Animals, Fails, Pranks, Wait for it, Savage, Classics, Gaming, Celebs, School and Stand Up. Together with this new feed, Facebook is reportedly testing new reactions too. According to TechCrunch, reaction buttons appear beneath each video for Funny, Alright and Not Funny. Teens want memes and Facebook is giving it to them.

Facebook launches its own online petition feature

Facebook has launched Community Actions, a new online petitions feature to help users call for action on certain issues and notify government officials. It is currently only available in the U.S. this week, after testing it in several markets first. The feature is essentially an online petition that allows users to demand action from their government representatives, by taking part in discussions, creating fundraisers, and organising Facebook Events or Call Your Rep campaigns. This new feature allows users to add a title, description, and image and get government agencies and representatives involved by tagging them. People can then use the “Support” button to show their agreement with certain actions. The main idea behind this feature is for to help communities bring certain issues to the attention of the government to take action.

Twitter has a new look


Twitter has started rolling out a new design for the web version of Twitter. At first sight, the entire interface looks different. Both the profile and feed pages are now inverted, with most of the action taking place on the left side (instead of it being the opposite before). The new webpage also includes an Emoji button, quick keyboard shortcuts, improvement to search and a revisited “Trends for You” section. With this new interface, Twitter has also announced that they will begin testing new features for users and publishers, including new conversation threads, Facebook-like statuses and indicators informing when users are online.

Facebook makes changes to how members are invited to groups

Groups are becoming an important part of the Facebook community and Facebook wants to make sure that people are only being added to, or are joining, those that are right for them. As such, Facebook is making several updates to how people are invited to groups. Now, people who have been invited to a group will be able to accept or decline an invite. Previously, they could be added to groups by friends “who thought they might be interested in them” and they’d become members without having to do anything. Therefore, many members may have never even visited a group. Currently, the people who’ve been added to a group but have never visited it will now appear in a group’s Invited section within the Members list and they will not be considered members until they’ve accepted the invite. As a result, they will not be included in a group’s total member count and many group admins may notice a sudden decrease in a group’s total member count.

4 Things Trending On Social

Twitter CEO says Mark Zuckerberg kills goats in his backyard and feeds them to guests

Twitter CEO Says Mark Zuckerberg Kills Goats In His Backyard & Feeds Them To Guests

Rolling Stone has dropped a big interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey this week and it’s definitely an interesting read. In this interview, Dorsey mentioned there was a year when he was invited over to Zuckerberg’s house for dinner. At that time, Zuckerberg was only eating what he was killing and he made Dorsey goat for dinner. Dorsey asked if they were eating the goat he killed and he said yes. It’s a pretty rich interview and you can read it all here.

Spotify will let you mute and block artists now

Spotify Will Let Users Block Artists So You Can Banish Anyone Into Silence

Spotify is amping up to launch a new block feature in its app to mute artists you don’t want to hear from. This is great news for everyone who is tired of certain artists. The update presented to certain test users allows them to access the “Don’t play this artist” option from an artist’s menu screen. Blocking an artist won’t strip them from user or Spotify-generated playlists, nor Artist Radio. Instead, tracks by the blocked artist will simply be skipped, meaning you can go forever without hearing your least favourite muso, even if you’re listening to a playlist which would usually be packed with their songs.

The Sydney Opera House is enlisting good doggos to scare off seagulls

The Sydney Opera House Is Enlisting Good Dogs To Scare Off Ratbag Seagulls

Seagulls are annoying. They ruthlessly swoop in and steal food from your plate when you’re not looking – and even when you are. In an effort to try and curb the seagulls from harassing people and reduce the amount of food wastage thanks to gull-tampered food, the Sydney Opera House has been trialling a Seagull Patrol, a group of very good doggos and their trainers who stalk the foreshore and keep the seagulls away. The guard dogs are always on-leash with their trainers from Mad Dogs and Englishmen and will be on guard between 12-4pm for the rest of January (for now). If it isn’t the cutest thing ever.

Fiji water girl lands a tv role

Fiji Water Girl Kelleth Cuthbert Lands A Role In ‘Bold And The Beautiful’

Fiji Water Girl, real name Kelleth Cuthbert, stole the show at the 2019 Golden Globes after she skilfully photobombed the pictures of actors on the red carpet. This genius marketing ploy by Fiji Water catapulted Cuthbert into pop culture stardom, where she was interviewed by late-night hosts, gained a lot of social media followers, and was, of course, turned into a meme. Now, Cuthbert has landed herself a tv role in drama series The Bold and the Beautiful. Aside from that sweet role, Cuthbert has also landed herself paid partnerships with Stella & Chewy’s, a pet food company. It pays to be extremely photogenic.