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4 New Social Updates

Snapchat introduces lens challenges for its users

Snapchat is following Tiktok’s footsteps and trying to get in on the action with Lens Challenges and they are exactly what they sound like: themed challenges that incorporate a special Snapchat Lens, which can then be featured for the app’s community. The first challenge launched this week is tied to the holiday season – Snapchat users can select a specific Lens that will allow them to sing a version of “Jingle Bells” performed by Gwen Stefani. For users who want to participate in this challenge, they have to open the app’s Lens carousel and choose the “Jingle Bells” option. From there, they can create their own video and submit it to Gwen Stefani challenge story.

New ways to interact on Instagram

Starting this week, you’ll see new ways to interact with your friends and form a deeper connection with the people you follow on Instagram. You can now use the questions sticker for music recommendations in Stories or to connect in the moment with people you follow on Live. Now, your friends can respond to your questions sticker with a song from the library, and you can share your favourites to your story. The question sticker in Live also makes asking questions to people you admire more exciting. You can ask your favourite beauty blogger how to do their holiday makeup look and they can give you a how-to in the moment, or ask your favourite basketball player how to get that perfect shot and they can show you in real time. These new features are great for connecting the community and with your friends!

Twitter brings back the chronological timeline with a sparkle

Twitter is finally bringing back the chronological timeline for all users, with a new “sparkle” button that lets you switch between that and the algorithmic timeline. iOS users can now tap on a new icon (represented by the sparkle emoji) in the top-right corner of the app and choose to see either the “top tweets first” or switch to the “latest tweets”, while web and Andriod users will have to wait a few more weeks to get access to the feature. As you use this new “sparkle” feature, Twitter will learn your preferences and select your favourite mode by default, while still reverting to the algorithmic timeline on some occasions.

Facebook adds Boomerang Support, Selfie Mode and AR Stickers to Messenger


Facebook is adding a bunch of new features to its Messenger app, including two new camera modes and support for AR Stickers. It now has five different camera modes: normal, video, text, boomerang and selfie. While that is still a lot less than what is available on Instagram Stories, it places Messenger into the top apps in terms of camera features. These modes are very well-integrated into the app and contribute to a smoother and easier usage of the camera features. The updated Messenger also introduces the new AR stickers and your favourite stickers can now be taken out of Messenger and shared on any photo or video. These new features should roll out to most users globally in the next few days.

4 Things Trending On Social

Former NASA engineer exacts perfect revenge on package thieves with hilarious decoy device

If you’re going to take sweet revenge on thieves stealing parcels, it helps if you’re a former NASA engineer with some seriously ingenious creative skills. YouTuber Mark Rober has fired up the internet with his elaborate invention to punish people who steal parcels off your doorstep, known as porch pirates in the U.S. Rober spent six months to create what could be the most sophisticated glitter bomb known to man. On the outside, it looks like a brand new Apple HomePod speaker but inside awaits a nasty surprise. The best part is it has cameras with a live feed to capture the moment. The device was complete with a motor to explode packets of glitter and an automatic can of “fart spray” to really punish the thief. The reaction from the few thieves caught out in the video is priceless and after less than two days, the video has been watched more than 14 million times. Brilliant.

This Instagrammer is getting savagely dragged for photoshopping fake Paris photos

This Instagrammer’s Getting Savagely Dragged For Photoshopping Fake Paris Pics

Swedish born Instagrammer Johanna Olsson (@johannaeolsson) has come under fire recently for photoshopping her Instagram photos on her recent trip to Paris. Johanna shared a series of shots posing in iconic places around the city of love: the Eiffel Tower, atop the River Seine and outside the Louvre, aka all the classic tourist shots. Not long after sharing the snaps on her grid, Johanna’s followers were quick to call BS on the pics, pointing out that she had dodgily Photoshopped herself into the famous scenes. From hovering feet to bad masking, these photos drew attention from netizens. Acknowledging the evidence was pretty damn compelling, Johanna admitted to photoshopping the pics in an Instagram Story, but she’s not apologising for it. And she’s not taking down the photos because they are #sponsored.

Twitter Memes are now used to control computer viruses

Memes Posted On Twitter Now Being Used To Control Legit Computer Viruses

A cybersecurity firm, Trend Micro, have discovered a new kind of malware which uses memes posted on Twitter to pass on instructions. The malware, although pretty weak, mostly consists of something called remote access trojans, which simply takes screenshots and other data from infected PCs and sends it on to a server controlling it. No one has figured out exactly how the malware infects computers, where it came from, or what it is intended for. Memes are dangerous now.

This woman said men don’t really own furniture and now her mentions are a mess

21-year-old Kathryn Hasty from Texas tweeted a photo with the caption “guys really live in apartments like this and don’t see any issue” after going to a close friend’s house. After the tweet, Hasty started getting backlash and decided to stop reading the replies. This tweet went viral and Hasty said she didn’t think so many guys would end up relating to the tweet. After the tweet became a meme, people would tweet some familiar living rooms with the same caption Hasty used. There’s absolutely no issue in not having a decorated/furnished house, guys. Live the way you want.