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4 New Social Updates

Facebook adds ‘Slideshow’ option to Stories on iOS
Image by Matt Navarra

Facebook has added a new ‘Slideshow’ option on the Facebook iOS app to entice more people to use Facebook Stories. This new feature was spotted last week and it allows users to create slideshows of images that will play as story frames. While users can already do this by selecting multiple images when creating a Story, this new feature makes it easier. 

Snap announces Spectacles 3
Snap Spectacles 3

Despite its failure to sell most of the first batch of Spectacles, Snap Inc. actually released a second improved version, which sold slightly better. Now, Snap Inc. has announced Spectacles 3. Spectacles 3 is a redesigned version of the AR sunglasses with a brand new design, featuring dual cameras to capture the world in 3D. They work a lot like your eyes and are built with a durable, lightweight steel frame and circular lenses and its two HD cameras on the frame. With a collection of new 3D effects, you can create “magic” moments, add new lighting, landscapes and more to different scenes, simply by swiping. An included 3D Viewer also allows you to immerse yourself in one of your own memories or enjoy it from someone else’s perspective.

Facebook admits it paid people to listen to and transcribe audio from Messenger
Image by Forbes

Facebook has just confirmed they are using third-party contractors to listen to the audio of users’ private conversations on Facebook Messenger. According to Facebook, the affected users had opted into having their Messenger chats transcribed without their full knowledge that this was going to be done by humans, who were tasked with transcribing conversations to assess the accuracy of the tool. The report initially came from Bloomberg, who cited a number of employees who spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal they had been listening to anonymised audio from Messenger, and that they were “uneasy” about where it had been obtained. Facebook has paused this practice over a week ago, after finding out Google and Apple had stopped their use of human reviewers.

Facebook is making changes to group privacy settings

People have been able to choose between public, closed or secret settings for Facebook Groups. In order to better match people’s expectations and help provide more clarity, Facebook is rolling out a new simplified model for Groups – public and private. According to the platform, people want more clarity about the privacy settings for their groups and having two simplified settings will help make it clearer about who can find the group and see the members and posts that are part of it. Public groups allow anyone to see who is in the group and everything that is shared there, while only members can see who else is in the group and what they’ve posted in private groups. In addition, admins will also be able to clearly choose whether the group can be found in search and other places through privacy settings for the group. By default, a group that was formerly “secret” will now be “private” and “hidden”, while a group that was formerly “closed” will now be “private” and “visible”. 

4 Things Trending On Social

A yogi influencer is trying to backtrack and clarify her “weekly giveaways” after fans called her out

Jessica Olie, a yogi influencer with more than 648k followers on Instagram, is attempting to clear up confusion and anger about a weekly giveaway contest she offered that is no longer happening every week. In an Instagram post two weeks ago, Olie planned to do “weekly giveaways” on what she called “giveaway Sunday” moving forward for followers to win some of her merch, such as branded yoga mats and her yoga e-books. For the giveaways in question, followers “MUST tag a friend and show them love”, follower her and her yoga franchise account, as well as share it on their personal pages. The next Sunday came and went without any giveaways, prompting fans to suspect that the “giveaways” were only a plot to gain engagement and followers and that Olie didn’t actually plan to commit to them, leaving users to flood the post with inquiries and comments. Eventually, Olie released an announcement on her Instagram, directing followers to the recently announced winner’s post. Moving forward, Olie still plans to continue with the giveaways and continue with “multiple” sweepstakes, except she would “have a quicker turnaround now she knows the kind of volume of comments to expect.” 

Milkcrate memes go viral 
The Problem With Those Viral Milk Crate Memes People Are Sharing

ICYMI, a young man wielding a kitchen knife allegedly killed a woman and seriously injured another woman earlier this week in Sydney’s CBD. As the suspect ran out onto the street, still holding the knife, several bystanders leapt into action, with one brandishing a chair as he attempted to corner the man and another was filmed using a milkcrate to subdue him as they waited for the police. Yes, a milkcrate. As soon as news reports and witness footage started rolling in, Facebook and Twitter feeds were instantly stacked with headlines. While updates were still being posted, a bunch of “milkcrate” memes were going viral, with people on social quick to respond to the unique choice of restraining method. Check out some of them here.

Tumblr is getting sold again
Tumblr Was Just Sold For Basically The Price Of A House In Sydney

Six years after Yahoo bought Tumblr for over $1 billion, Tumblr is set to be sold again for less than $3 million, this time to Automattic Inc. Automattic Inc. is the company behind another ’00s flashback, WordPress. There isn’t much news on what will become of Tumblr after the acquisition but let’s hope the nature of the platform doesn’t change.

These weird employee “ambassador” accounts are real, according to Amazon, anyway
Amazon Promises These Incredibly Weird Employee “Ambassador” Accounts Are Real
Image by Pedestrian

Amazon has insisted a handful of Twitter accounts defending the company and tweeting about the conditions in its warehouses are real employees, after a weird Twitter interaction which went viral this week. In these tweets, “ambassadors” have names like Dylan, Rafael or Cindy and they want you to know that they are having a fantastic working at Amazon. Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre Ambassadors programme first started in 2018 when the company revealed it would be enlisting chosen employees to tweet about the company as part of a publicity campaign in the face of increasing repost about the dire conditions in its warehouses. It’s also interesting to point out these ambassador accounts seem to follow no one else and their sole mission is to tweet about Amazon (and how great it is to work there.) Have a read!