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4 New Social Updates

WhatsApp launches WhatsApp Business to iPhone users

Early last year, WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp Business app for Android. Since then, over 5 million businesses every month have been using it to create their business profiles and connect with their audiences through the app. It is now available to iOS users in seven countries, with a global rollout expected to take place within the next few weeks. The WhatsApp Business app lets businesses create a profile to display a description, contact email, location address and a website URL – all while letting them answer customer questions directly. The app also offers messaging tools like Quick Replies, a feature that lets businesses answer frequent questions, or greeting messages that give users more information about a business. Businesses can also get WhatsApp Web to chat from their desktop, manage conversations and send files to customers.

Snapchat launches Snap Games Platform

Snap has announced the launch of the Snap Games platform, a new feature that allows users to play real-time games (single or multiplayer) while talking to and messaging with their friends. There are six games in total at the moment, including Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, C.A.T.S. Drift Race, Zombie Rescue Squad and Alphabear Hustle. These games come from developers like Zygna and ZeptoLab and we should expect to see more games in the future.

Facebook is making it easier to honour a loved one after they pass away

Loss of a loved one can be devastating and Facebook wants to be a place where people can support each other while honouring the memory of their loved ones. Facebook is introducing a new tributes section, which is a separate tab on memorialised profiles where friends and family can share posts – all while preserving the original timeline of their loved one. This lets people see the types of posts that are most helpful to them as they grieve and remember their loved ones. Facebook is also introducing additional controls for legacy contacts, a feature that lets people choose an entrusted family member or friend to care for their Facebook account when they pass away. In addition to creating supportive tools, Facebook is also hoping to minimise experiences that might be painful and only allowing friends and family members to request when to have an account memorialised. If an account hasn’t yet been memorialised, Facebook uses AI to keep it from showing up in places that might cause distress, such as recommending that person to be invited to events or sending a birthday reminder to their friends.

Twitter limits number of daily follows to 400

Bad news for you if your go-to Twitter strategy was the “follow-unfollow” game. While this has been a known growth strategy for Twitter profiles for years, it is quite a terrible one. Twitter has caught up with the many users and businesses that use this very strategy to grow their following by changing the number of accounts a user can follow every day from 1,000 to 400. Although this information is probably more crucial to follower bot developers, it’s good to take the time now to reassess your Twitter growth strategy.

4 Things Trending On Social

An unknown millionaire is trying to start a real-life battle royale island
An Unknown Millionaire Is Trying To Start A Real-Life Battle Royale Island

Battle royale games are popular and many are familiar with games like PUBG, Fornite and Apex Legends. If you’re into these games, your wildest dreams are about to come true because someone with a lot of money is trying to set up an actual battle royale event on a private island and has already put out a request for a game maker to help organise the three-day event. The ad was spotted on Hush Hush, a “luxury shopping marketplace” and the organiser is willing to pay someone approximately $82,452 for setting the event up. Of course, no one will be getting real guns to shoot each other with because that is definitely illegal. Instead, the event will provide airsoft guns (which are still illegal in Australia, by the way) that are similar to paintball guns, but with less mess and pain. Like the actual game, the last person standing wins, and in this case, the chicken dinner is worth £100,000 ($140,351 AUD).

A Melbourne pizza joint broke the world record with a 154-cheese pizza

Melbourne’s 400 Gradi has officially bagged the Guinness World Record title for ‘Greatest Variety of Cheese On A Pizza’. 400 Gradi topped the former record of 111 varieties of cheese with a 154-cheese pizza. Johnny di Francesco is not new to the cheesy pizza game – he previously held the record with a 99-cheese pizza up until early last year when the 111-cheese pizza took over his title for a short period of time. According to Guinness World Records, a mere gram of each cheese was used to make the pizzas and to be able to roll out the pizzas in other stores, Johnny and his team melted down all the cheeses and chilled it into one huge block. We call this a delicious triumph.

Instagram influencer in tears over the prospect of a 9-5 job after her account got deleted

An Instagram influencer has posted a tearful video online, sobbing over the idea of having to get a 9-5 job after her Instagram account was taken down. Jess Taylor, 21, from Florida, had more than 113k followers on Instagram before the account was deleted, possibly due to the account being reported several times. Sharing a video to YouTube, the Instagrammer explained she was in the middle of editing a video when she realised her account had been deleted and that she was “nothing without her following”. Despite the video calling out trolling, many people were critical of the emotional video, with many judging her perception on how she needs to earn money off Instagram to make it in the world.

The Internet can’t get over this heartbreaking walrus scene in Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’
Warning: Graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

Climate change is reshaping the natural world as rising temperatures cause polar ice to melt and some animals are less equipped to adapt to their new environment than others. A devastating scene in Netflix’s new series Our Planet brings that reality into sharp focus. Labelled as the Walrus scene, the snippet shows a conflict between walruses, which is believed to have prompted others to scramble to safety, with many climbing up a steep cliff to find solace. In their clumsy and desperate attempts to get back to the water, they stumble from the cliff’s edge, with many dying on impact or crushing the walruses beneath them. Viewers took it to Twitter to say they found the clip ‘heartbreaking’ and how it has impacted them. It is the tragedy of this situation that really makes us think what our existence means to the planet.