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4 New Social Updates

Instagram now lets you post on multiple accounts at the same time

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Instagram is adding the ability to post on multiple accounts at the same time! While this feature is only available to some users for now, it will roll out to others soon, but only if you are an iOS user (Android peeps, you’ll have to wait a while). This is a great feature, especially for social marketers like us, who manage multiple accounts from different brands. Being able to publish a post across multiple accounts will most certainly save you a lot of time.

Instagram gave users a glimpse of the future and they hated it

Back in late December, Instagram pushed out an update that got rid of scrolling, making users swipe to see the next post instead. People hated it. While there is some reasoning behind such UX, Instagram soon pulled the update back, apologising for a test that had gone out to more users than expected. Swiping on mobile makes sense, especially ergonomically – while holding our phones, our thumbs are better at swiping than at scrolling. Another reason for this possible update was the way users use Instagram Stories – by tapping next instead of scrolling. Many took to Twitter and Instagram to express their despair at this new update. Instagram was quick to pull back the feature and the company called the “issue” a bug, later blaming it on a test gone wild. It doesn’t really matter if it was a bug, a test gone wrong or a real feature Instagram realised we were all simply not ready for. But it surely gave us a glimpse of what the future may look like on Instagram and it will take a lot of getting used to if the feature rolls out.

Dark mode coming soon on WhatsApp


Dark Modes are increasingly popular with apps and operating systems. For instance, YouTube, Twitter and Telegram all have a Dark Mode. After all, the amount of screen-time we invest in on a daily basis is tiring on the eyes. Since September, it has been rumoured that WhatsApp on iOS will soon get an upgrade that will bring Dark Mode to the app, much to the delight of its 1.5 billion users. While there is still no official release date set yet, the good news is that you can try a little “hack” to simulate Dark Mode in chats. While waiting for the release of the proper Dark Mode, you can choose a black background for the chat page for now to mimic a similar effect.

Snapchat has an actual lens for dogs now

Snapchat has finally introduced a Lens for dogs, a few months after its first ever cat lens was released. We all know you’ve tried many times to use Lenses on your dog, often leading to nowhere. Last Christmas, Snapchat launched “Dog Lenses” for your favourite furry friends. Get your phone out, open Snapchat and point the camera at your favourite doggo. The new pet lens is a result of Snapchat’s efforts to further develop its computer vision technology. It gives the app the ability to recognise different objects in a photo as well as humans, cats and now dogs.

4 Things Trending On Social

Netflix issues official warning after dangerous ‘Bird Box’ Challenge goes viral

Netflix Issues Official Warning After Dangerous ‘Bird Box’ Challenge Goes Viral

ICMYI, Netflix’s record-breaking thriller flick Bird Box has generated a fair bit of buzz and memes on social media. While there’s no harm laughing at a meme here and there, there is harm in blindfolding yourself and walking into oncoming traffic as part of the Bird Box Challenge. A quick look at #BirdBoxChallenge on Twitter shows that there are videos of people ending up in traffic, falling over and some even putting their children in danger by forcing them to take part. The challenge has gotten so out of hand that the folks at Netflix felt the need to put out an official warning so that people don’t “end up in hospital”. Seriously, heed their message, people.

People are distraught by these chicken photos

People are distraught by these chicken photos that 28-year-old Cori from Baltimore uploaded on Twitter. These three bare, unseasoned chicken breasts belong to Cori’s boyfriend’s roommate, Steve. As expected, Twitter had a field day with these cutlets, generating more than 73k likes and 11k retweets in a matter of just a few days, with many finding it unbelievable that the chicken was unseasoned. Cori mentioned that Steve is aware that the tweet went viral and is confident that the chicken was an “isolated incident”. Fingers crossed that Steve’s future chickens will no longer die in vain.

People are throwing away their things thanks to ‘tidying up with Marie Kondo’

Everyone’s Chucking Out All Their Shit Thanks To ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, former Shinto shrine maiden, inventor of the KonMari Method and author of international bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, you might be trapped under a pile of your own possessions. In which case, you definitely need Marie Kondo. Kondo popularised the “does it spark joy” approach, in which you hold an item, ask yourself if it sparks joy within you, and if not – you throw it away! Kondo has got her own Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a series where she visits families and teaches them how to get rid of all their non-joy-sparking things, leaving only a treasured selection of valued items and a sense of zen-like calm. People seem to be responding well to her techniques, however, there have been some rumblings on Twitter over some of Kondo’s tidying up advice. An episode where Kondo helps two writers sort through a whole bunch of books sparked a full-blown debate on Twitter because, well, people are really passionate about their books and keeping them.

Someone photoshopped new shoes onto the Prime Minister

It’s 2019 and everyone is off to a good start… until you take a look at Someone has poorly photoshopped two crisp new white LEFT shows onto the feet of Australian prime minister Scott Morrison. Why?!?! The image was first spotted on Twitter who pointed out that it was a quick edit of an older image used by the PM before. People questioned the decision to photoshop it (and a poor job at it, too) instead of cropping the feet out of the image if it was such an issue. Shortly after the shoes began going viral on Twitter with the hashtag #shoegate, the prime minister’s website was hastily edited to remove the offending shoes. On Wednesday morning, the PM took it to Twitter and blamed his department for the bad photoshop job. We have so many questions.