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4 New Social Updates

Facebook announces automated ads, appointments and new video editing tools
Appointments on Facebook - Consumer experience

To help small business owners manage and promote their businesses on platforms, Facebook has announced several new tools: Automated Ads, appointments and new video editing tools. With automated ads, Facebook will develop a customised marketing plan for small business owners, following a few questions about their business and goals. Some features include having multiple versions of ads, tailored audience suggestions, recommended ad budget and timely ad notifications. Facebook is also expanding their free business tools, including allowing businesses to book and manage appointments on Facebook and Instagram. These appointments can be sent as reminders to customers through Messenger or text message and can be synced with personal calendars or other appointment management tools. Lastly, Facebook is also introducing new ways to easily edit videos with three new video editing tools: automatic cropping, video trimming and image and text overlays, all of which are available in Ads Manager.

You can now add GIFs, Photos and Videos to Retweets

Retweeting is a common practice on Twitter and Twitter now lets you add GIFs, photos and videos to retweets. The update is already rolling out on iOS, Android and the web platform.

Facebook is adding lead generation templates to Messenger

To make it easier for businesses to connect with customers on Messenger, Facebook is adding lead generation templates to Ads Manager. General Motors, one of the first companies to use the new feature, was able to gain a 30% higher conversion rate compared to its other digital marketing channels. The lead generation in Messenger feature is still in beta testing and will be available to businesses later in the year.

Facebook tweaks news feed algorithm to further prioritise original videos

To help video creators find their audience on its platform and build profitable video businesses, as well as to help users discover great videos and build great relationships with creators, Facebook is going to prioritise original video content. There will be three factors that impact video ranking on Facebook – loyalty and intent, video and viewing durations, and originality. These updates, which will benefit pages that create video content, will affect video distribution on Facebook News Feed, Facebook Watch, and “More Videos” recommendations.

4 Things Trending On Social

HBO edited that Starbucks Cup out of ‘GoT’
HBO Edited The Starbucks Cup Out Of ‘GoT’, Marking Latest Season 8 Death
Warning: Spoilers.

ICYMI, that rogue Starbucks cup that somehow found its way into the big party at Winterfell has gone viral after the internet spotted it in the latest episode of GoT. After owning up to the error, HBO has swiftly edited the cup of the scene, eradicating the cup completely. They also admitted they’d done a sneaky edit and it’s been removed from future streams of the episode, the controversy of the famed disposable cup will live on forever in screengrabs and memes across time and space.

Video of octopus sucking on a vlogger’s face goes viral

A Chinese vlogger learned the hard way that you shouldn’t play with your food when she tried to eat a live octopus, only for it to suction onto her face so hard it ripped off a small part of her skin. Known as “seaside girl Little Seven”, the vlogger shares videos on the Chinese platform Kuaishou and was attempting to eat the octopus alive when the tentacles took hold, which left her screaming in pain and tugging at its tentacles to remove it. While she reportedly said in past videos that she doesn’t understand why she’s never gained popularity, the video has since gone viral and she is now a trending topic on China’s social media platforms.

All the best memes and reactions from Met Gala 2019

This year’s Met Gala theme Camp was made to be memed and the good people of the internet did not disappoint. While there were several really cool and memorable costumes (Ezra Miller’s illusion get-up was sick!), many fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the pink carpet action. From sassy to hysterical, check out some of the best memes and tweets from this fashion’s big night here.

Woman who allegedly egged PM Scott Morrison charged
The 24-year-old previously showed support for the Greens on social media.

Egging is a thing. A thing that will get you in trouble with the law. While “Egg Boy” has been hailed as the national hero, this young woman who allegedly hit Prime Minister Scott Morrison with an egg was not so lucky. Amber Paige has been charged by NSW Police with common assault and possession of prohibited drugs. The alleged incident occurred at a Country Women’s Association meeting with the Prime Minister on the NSW-Victorian border, when she struck Mr Morrison on the back of his head with the egg. The egg didn’t break, giving rise to comments on social media that it was either hard-boiled or that the PM’s head was simply not hard enough.