8 social media post ideas you have to do before 2021 ends

by | May 21, 2021 | Blog

If you’re like us, you’ve officially labelled 2021 as the year of the comeback. Bouncing back towards better business means that you’re going to have to churn out more fresh and engaging social media content now more than ever. 

We know that coming up with creative ideas on the daily is not an easy task, and that’s why we’ve collected some on-trend content pillars you can modify to create an irresistible social media strategy. Unfortunately, no one can predict all the social media trends 2021 has in store, so here are some that we don’t see going away anytime soon. 

1. Snackable videos

Video is still king when it comes to engaging your followers, and the shorter the video is, the better. With the rise of Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and the Facebook Watch tab, more and more viewers find themselves glued to the screen watching bite-sized videos. (To prove the point further, after writing that I checked the Facebook watch tab to see what it looked like and got sucked in for a good 10 minutes watching Tiktok compilations. Sorry not sorry) The attention span of social media users is dwindling by the year, so it doesn’t look like snackable videos are going anywhere. 

Here are some ways you could incorporate this format to your strategy:

  • How to’s
  • Product Demos
  • Informational Videos/ Trivia
  • Tiktok Challenges/ Trends

2. Values-based posts

Gone are the days where brands were expected to be apathetic about social issues. Today, the social media landscape revolves around conversations about mental health, politics, social justice, and consumers expect brands to participate in them. 

Posting support towards a certain cause contributes to the larger conversation and pushes towards positive change, especially if your account has a lot of influence. When you post about a cause that’s within your values, you get to show the human side of your business and engage your audiences who share the same principles.

Remember, it’s important to come from a place of genuine concern and compassion. Consumers can tell if you’re just fishing for likes.

These kinds of posts aren’t just limited to 2021, of course. The rise of socially conscious consumers will only grow as Gen-Z moves towards adulthood and an increasingly more tumultuous world. 

Lastly, choose your causes wisely. Not every social issue has to be addressed by your brand. If you’re unsure about posting your stance on a social cause, check out our guide here.

3. Nostalgia posts

Quarantine cast a spell on users, causing them to put their rose-coloured glasses on and idealize life pre-2020. According to research by Hubspot and Talkwalker, as soon as the lockdown hit, mentions of keywords related to remembering the past rose from around 13M mentions to 24.4M, a whopping 88% increase. 

This is because the positive emotions associated with ‘the good old days’ helped alleviate the stress people were feeling at the time. So when a brand posts throwback photos and videos, users connect those strong positive emotions to the brand. 

This still proves effective to most areas of the world that are still in some form of quarantine. We really hope we won’t have to use this kind of marketing for long. 

4. Ask Me Anything

AMA or Ask Me Anything has been popular on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram Stories because of their interactive features. Brands and users can put the ‘questions’ button in their Instagram Stories, and Tiktok users can include a comment on their video as they respond to it. It’s a fun little way to interact with your audience in real-time and to address their concerns and questions. 

5. Social media takeover

If you find that your brand needs to shake things up a bit, consider having an influencer take over your account for one day. Choose an influencer that is in line with your brand and has an audience demographic that’s similar to yours. Not only does your brand get a fresh new voice for a day, but it also allows you to tap into the influencer’s already established following.

These takeovers work especially well for industries such as hospitality, beauty, and lifestyle. You can invite the influencer to your HQ so that your audience can get the insider look from their POV.

6. Polls

Want to know more about what your audience really wants? Why not just ask them!

Polls are a great way to directly gather valuable information from your audience while increasing engagement for your brand. There are so many ways to conduct polls on social media. Twitter has a poll feature you can use in a tweet. Instagram Stories has a ‘poll’ button which users can interact with. Facebook doesn’t have that feature yet but posting a question where users can choose their answers with a ‘react’ is the next best thing. (it’s also really fun!)

7. Branded TikTok Videos

TikTok has been around since 2016, but marketers only recognized its potential for virality around early 2019. As of 2021, so many brands are investing in their TikTok game since everyone and their little brother is on it. Most brands unleash their creative side on the app through branded hashtag challenges and influencer partnerships. The best way to get inspiration for TikTok videos is to actually spend time scrolling through the app to get an idea of the platform’s culture. 

Fair warning: Not all brands have found the formula to succeed on the app, because there isn’t one. TikTok’s very nature is uncalculated, raw, and unpolished. It’s even been dubbed as the “Anti-Instagram”. To find your footing on TikTok, you have to let go of control and increase social listening in order to make organic and creative content that actually works. 

8. Live streams

Live streaming rose to new heights in 2020, thanks to the pandemic-sized elephant in the room. Brands will still need to rely on live video in 2021 to engage with their customers in real-time while things are still murky. 

Many brands still rely on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Zoom, and Twitch to give users that simultaneous human to human experience they would have otherwise had in person. Apart from the occasional awkward lag, it’s the next best thing to real-life events. 

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