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Our 8 Favourite Instagram Profiles Right Now

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At Eight Clients, we are constantly scouring Instagram and come across what we think are amazing accounts all the time. We decided to make a list of our current faves for you and list our reasons why they tick all the right boxes.


Visual storytelling at its finest. Daniel Rueda is a photographer, architect, content creator and creative from Valencia who has managed to combine all these sides in the same direction. A photography lover, he found in his architectural studies the taste for proportion, geometry and perspective. Daniel Rueda manages to produce an immaculate feed of stunning visuals adventures of the eye and we are obsessed with his ability to do so.


Oak and Ink is a creative agency based in Melbourne, Australia, founded by designer and photographer Matthew Henry. Their feed speaks to creatives and anyone with a love for colour evolution – scroll through their feed to observe their delicious colour gradient aesthetic.


Kuro Kisumé’s secluded kaiseki room is a unique journey. They simply call it, the table, this creative and intimate experience seats only 12 guests. Observing each person’s tastes, energy level and mood, chef moon designs each meal intuitively. he queries each stranger like an old confidante, gauging their preferences to build an experience that stimulates the senses and the mind. Their feed produces a dark, ominous luxe vibe which perfectly embodies the essence of Kisumé and showcases their high-level food & produce.


Aleksandra Kingo is a London-based photographer and director. Aleksandra walks the razor’s edge between discomfort and sexiness, toying with the viewer’s senses of disgust and attraction and creating surreal worlds where lipstick stains are a blessing and bananas are pastel pink. We love!


One of our favourite Australian digital influencers and fashion bloggers is Micah Gianneli. Her captivating style oozes through her collection of carefully styled ensembles and stunning photography. Pounding the pavement in each of her shots, Micha harnesses her striking look and a street-style vibe to create beautiful content consistently with a confident & luxurious aura.


Humming Puppy is a yoga experience evolved from traditional practices in a stunning space that resonates with a perfect hum. We love this profile because they properly convey their mantra and feeling through their Instagram aesthetic, incorporating yoga poses with a consistent colour scheme/filter throughout. They also curate specific content which helps to build the feed and add different layers useing lifestyle & details shots.


Yes, we really do love the Kendall + Kylie feed this is no joke. The social media team behind the Jenner duo are definitely all over their Instagram game, making their feed almost like a visual online store. Combining different techniques in the feed such as launch drop countdowns with border colour fades, to magazine-like snippets across a multitude of tiles. They also incorporate product shots, videos and feature the sisters throughout in a seamless on-brand way.


Jessica Walsh is an American graphic designer, art director and illustrator and a partner at creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh in New York City. This creative mastermind fills her feed with contrast, colours and brazen images and videos of her work. The “it-girl” of graphic design is a lover of unadulterated colour and a celebrator of imperfections, her work is bold, daring and provocative. She is no stranger to pushing boundaries and being fearless in her work and we could (and do) spend hours scrolling through her feed.

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