10 Reasons why your business should be on social media

by | May 11, 2021 | Blog

Why bother with social media anyway? If your business is already earning a stable income, why go through the trouble of learning how to advertise on Facebook or grow a following on Instagram? Trust us when we say that social media can help your business grow in ways you didn’t even know were possible. 

There are a thousand reasons why your business should be on social media. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up the top 10 benefits that we think small-medium business owners like you need to know if you’re considering taking that big marketing step. 

1. Your customers are looking for you on social media

Consider first the sheer number of people on social media right now. As of January 2021, there are over 4.20 billion social media users, about 53% of the world’s population. That means that a sizeable percentage (if not all) of your customers are on social media. And they’re probably looking you up on Facebook as we speak! 

In Australia, 47% of Gen Zers surveyed wish they could message more businesses. If your business is purely offline, your customers are most likely searching for your operating hours and details about your product or service to no avail. Responding to these inquiries and concerns is crucial, for failure to do so could mean losing potential revenue.  

2. You can reach new audiences

Think of social media as your gateway to the biggest pool of people you can advertise to. Sure, traditional marketing through ads and word of mouth is great, but it can be expensive and inefficient. Setting up your presence on social media is the most affordable and effective way to reach the exact people that are searching for your product or service. 

60% of Instagram users say that they discover new brands on the platform. Through social media, you’re no longer just the local hair salon, you’re a business with a reach wider than your neighbourhood. You’re catering to people outside your vicinity and aren’t just relying on familiar faces to keep your business running.

You don’t have to be on all the sites- just starting with Facebook or Instagram would already put you on the radar of new potential customers. 

3. You can humanize your business 

Consumers prefer to do business with real people- not money-making machines. Posting on social media gives you the chance to show potential customers your human side, that you’re more than just a goods or service provider. 

Plus, keeping up your social media presence is a great way to communicate “Look, world! We’re up and ready to serve you!”, which is always a good message to your customers. Posting regularly and responding to messages not only humanizes your business but also builds brand trust among your audience. 

You don’t need fancy visuals to have a successful social media page (although it would help greatly). All you need is to show the heart and soul behind the business. So don’t be afraid to show some of your awesome personality online.

4. You can communicate promotions, announcements and statements quickly and effectively

If your animal clinic was closed for today, how could your new customers know? If you had a 50% off flash sale, how could you spread the word like fire? If there were awful reviews posted online about your service, how could you address them?

Yup, you guessed it. Information can now be spread at light speed thanks to our friend, the internet. With social media, you’re always one post away from saying anything you want to your customers. Every business should take advantage of this ease of communication. 

5. You can build a community around your brand

Social media’s key advantage over traditional media is its interactiveness. When you find the momentum of posting regularly, people are going to want to engage with your content. And when they do, you have to meet them with the same warmth and enthusiasm.

By consistently responding to comments and questions, you’re able to create a loyal community around your brand. You can even make a Facebook group or chat for your loyal followers and customers. We call this whole process Community Management. 

6. You can perform customer support /service efficiently 

Not only can you post at the speed of light, you can also respond to messages just as fast too. Gone are the days where people think to ring your telephone line up first for any questions and concerns. Now they reach for their phone, search you up on social media, and tap on the message button.

It sounds a bit more tedious, but studies show that Australia’s landline use is plummeting, while mobile phone use is almost at 100%. And with the help of automated replying and chatbots, consumers can find the exact information they’re looking for at the push of a button. 

7. You can use data to learn more about your audience and business

Every like, comment, and impression you get isn’t just a good sign that your content is reaching audiences, they also serve as key data to know about your customers and followers in real-time. Once you get the hang of handling your social media account, you should hop onto the analytics page of the site if you want to learn demographic information about who’s interacting with your page. The more you learn about who your content resonates with, the more you can tailor your marketing strategy to better speak to them. 

8. You can keep an eye on the competition

Social media is a great learning platform (even though it may not seem like it). The democratization of information means that you have something to learn from everyone- especially your competitors. Your competitors’ social media page can be a great reference on what to emulate and what to steer away from. 

Peeping on competition’s content, reviews, and following helps you get a better sense of what your social media benchmarks should be. They could even inspire you to play up your unique strengths as a business. 

9. You can target your advertising

Advertising on social media is an inexpensive way to reach so much more people than with just organic posting. And 10x better than aimlessly handing out flyers! 

As mentioned in #7, social media can act as a data goldmine when it comes to knowing your target audience. So once you know who exactly you’re selling to, what their interests are, and what content speaks to them the most, you can leverage all that through targeted advertising. 

Most of the popular social platforms offer precise targeting tools that can promote your business to your exact audience. You can fine-tune common targeting options like demographic information, geography, online behaviour, and interests to make the most out of your ad budget. 

10. You can increase leads, conversions, and sales

“Why should my business be on social media anyway?” 

If we had only one answer, it would be this one. Your social media page plays a HUGE role in your marketing funnel. As more people enter through the funnel, there’s a bigger chance more of them will come out of it as happy, loyal customers. Social media allows you to spread awareness about your product or service, which subsequently increases your chances for sales. 

Tons of small-medium businesses like yours are on social media for these very reasons. If you’re sold on it but doing your own social media marketing sounds like too much for your schedule to handle, consider hiring a social media agency like us. We offer social media management and a plethora of other services. Contact hello@eightclients.com.au for quotes and inquiries. 

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