With thriving wineries across the country and a rising local brewing culture, it’s no surprise that Australia’s beverage landscape is flourishing. However, as more and more beverage companies set up shop, it becomes harder to stand out on the shelves. 

Don’t let your brand fall behind. Whether your product is whisky, juice, or just sparkling water, we can help you develop a competitive edge by creating a Scroll Stopping Strategy that amplifies your brand and excites your audience.

Alcohol and beverage social media marketing is a delicate mix of strategy, content, aligned social media goals and compelling community management. We’ve worked with brands across the world in this space such as Starward Whiskey, OVANT, StrangeLove and Tequila Tromba.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove

Make your beverage irresistible


It’s not enough to just take photos of your product on a blank wall, your audience needs to taste it through the screen. We’re known for art directing eye-catching content that makes audiences want what they see. Your Scroll Stopping Strategy will include refreshing takes on how we can best showcase your product online. Then, we’ll work with top industry creatives to bring our collective vision to life. 

Become a top-of-mind beverage brand


Brand trust is the second most important factor, after price, in determining consumer choice. To gain that trust, consumers need to know you, believe in your brand and have a great experience with your product.

We’ll set up an organic and paid strategy that’s dedicated to building brand awareness within your target audience. Then we’ll create monthly content schedules that position your brand as the must-try, trustworthy option by incorporating tried and tested beverage marketing techniques. Now all that’s left is for your customer to have an amazing experience with your brand. 

Once that trust is earned, your customer will reward you with loyalty, engagement, and advocacy.

Our photography session in Melbourne for StrangeLove

Rise to cult status


There’s nothing like a favourite drink. Once your product has found its way into the public’s heart, you can count on them to express it on social media. They’ll tell their friends about it, and maybe even leave a comment on your page about how much they love it. Once we get the momentum going, it’s our job to engage. 

We’ve mastered the art of creating loyal audiences around beverage brands. (Our beverage clients have one of the most active social communities in the country) Through laser-sharp community management, we’ll build meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers which can elevate your brand as a cult favourite.



Starward Whisky
Made in Melbourne. We've helped Starward with their Scroll Stopping Strategy for social growth and eCom sales.
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The Good Pot Co.
We've been delighted to help develop and execute a Scroll Stopping Strategy for our long-term client with their new brand, The Good Pot Co. (we even helped with the naming of this new brand!)
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We started working with StrangeLove in 2015 and it's been a horrible experience. Luckily their drinks are delicious.
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Rice Paper Scissors
We love our hospitality friends, especially Rice Paper Scissors who we started working with in 2015. If you check out their cookbook you'll even see a page on Eight Clients!
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We've loved working with Indomie and have helped them become the most engaged noodle brand in Australia!
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Social Media Services for THE BEVERAGE INDUSTRY

Scroll Stopping Strategy

Before we get to creating content for your social media profiles, we’ll present you with a Scroll Stopping Strategy that includes your custom audience personas, scroll stopping content pillars and custom social media campaign concepts developed for your brand. We will create your Scroll Stopping Strategy based on our first-hand data of Australian beverage marketing and years’ worth of experience in content curation.

Social Media Management

We can manage every aspect of your social media profiles, from content scheduling to ads management. We’re proficient in social media management on all major platforms including, WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. 

We’ve been successful in building cult followings for our beverage clients through our social media management service.

Creative Concepts

If you need ideas for campaigns outside of social media, look no further. We can conceptualise ideas for any medium.  We’ve developed ideas for television commercials (or big Instagram as we like to call it), billboards, new menu items, business concepts and have even named businesses for clients. We can even pitch a few drink concepts if you want us to! Our Account Managers are self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseurs. 

Content Creation

We’ll showcase your product through irresistible, mouth-watering visuals that will make your customer crave it before trying it. We closely collaborate with our in house creative team, professional photographers, graphic designers, and animators to bring your drinks brand to life on social media.


If you’ve already got a style guide and a defined tone-of-voice, we’ll help you translate it to social media and beyond. If you don’t, we’ll take you through that process. 

We take copywriting for our beverage brands seriously. We only write copy that provides value and authentically communicates who you are and what you offer.

Community Management

If your customers love your drinks (which we’re sure they will) you can count on them to engage with your socials. It’s our job is to be there when they do. (Beverage connoisseurs, after all, are particularly active on social media!)

We’ll turn your customers into advocates by listening to their needs and proactively responding to their comments and messages. Our community managers are exceptionally experienced in building strong and loyal communities in beverage brands. 


Are you able to create content (graphic design & photography) for my page?
Yes, we’d be happy to! Head onto our Content Creation page to know more.

What platforms should my beverage business be on?
The platforms we recommend to you will depend on your type of product and target audience. We’ll collect insights from you and include our recommendations in your Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy. 
What will my account manager do?

Our Account Managers are creative and personable professionals that create cutting-edge strategies, curate monthly content schedules, track and report EOM KPIs, and manage ad campaigns. They work with the support of our specialists and Sales team to deliver innovative strategies and profitable work.

Why should I care about community management for my beverage business?

Your audience expects you to be available to answer their questions and concerns within 24 hours. If you don’t, you could lose their business. Or, worse, miss their complaint and lose the opportunity to rectify it before they go on complaining to their followers and friends.

What is a Scroll Stopping Strategy?

It’s a social media content strategy that we make with the intention of catching your audience’s attention. We aim to captivate social media users in a way that makes them stop their endless scrolling to focus on your content. 

What will you need from me to begin?
We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to begin the process. We aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. From there, we’ll dive deeper into your brand to aid us in making your Scroll Stopping Social Media Strategy.

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